SensorLab and LPPI’s researchers have expressed a commitment to collaborate through research exchange, project supervision and teaching. At Sensorlab, they include 3senior staff (UWC professor, 10+ years post PhD) and 3 emerging researchers (PhD+5 years). In parallel, LPPI’s expertise on development of nanomaterials for energy applications will therefore be put at the service of the present project. The 10 LPPI’s researchers (4 professors and 6 associated professors have expressed a commitment to collaborate through this research exchange.

LaboratorySenior staffJuniors staff
LPPIPierre-Henri Aubert
Philippe Banet
Sophie Cantin
Odile Fichet
Fabrice Goubard
Cédric Plesse
Thanh-Tuân Bui
Alae El Haitami
Giao T.M. Nguyen
Thuan Nguyen Pham Truong
SensorlabPriscilla Baker
Fanelwa Ngece Ajayi
Christopher Arendse
Francis Muya
Keagan Pokpas
Natasha Ross

Short CVs of the implicated researchers are available by clicking on the names.

Recruited staff liste available here.