Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is composed of 6 members :

Prof. Pierre-Henri Aubert (FR)

Assoc.Prof. Linda Chikh (FR)

Prof. Nazeem Jahed (SA)

Prof. Priscilla Baker (SA)

Prof. Candice Franke (SA)

Prof. Frédéric Vidal (FR)

The scientific committee, chaired by the scientific leaders of the IALab, will be in charge of the validation of the scientific collaboration plan and its implementation (follow up of IALab objectives and scientific outcomes); it makes propositions to the steering committee regarding the validation of means requested by the research projects and the distribution of IALab funds; The scientific committee is composed of the scientific leaders of the IALab and 4 researchers not directly involved in the IALab. The committee shall take place at least twice a year, and each time the scientific leaders of the IALab jointly convene it. It shall be organized as a physical (if possible) meeting once a year.