The following topics, highly relevant to design advanced materials for sensing, storage and energy conversion, have been identified as a framework for five scientific collaboration projects: 

Topic 1 – Material synthesis:

A first pool of studies shall be carried out on the elaboration of new materials with pre-defined properties according to the targeted application. To obtain such properties, the control of their structure is primordial and consequently, this step needs chemical engineering on molecules, macromolecules, surfaces.

Topic 2 – Material characterizations (properties and capacity to detect) and optimization of materials:

This topic has been identified, as it is never possible to determine beforehand and without any doubt if the developed material will have the expected properties. It is, thus, closely related to the previous topic. Indeed, if a material does not present the desired properties, its synthesis will be modified accordingly.

Topic 3 – Devices:

Sensors elaboration and evaluation, energy storage/conversion device fabrication and evaluation of their performances will be in the center of this topic. Projects within this topic are more devoted to advanced studies and could be identified to postdoc projects, eventually supported by a Master student.