Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of 6 members plus the two IAL scientific managers ; other personnalities may also be invited according to the agenda. The Steering Committee is chaired by the heads of the partner institutions or their representatives (Vice-presidents) and is in charge of the overall administration of the IALab, its development strategy as well as of the validation of means requested by the projects and the distribution of IALab funds. The scientific leaders of the IALab participate in the steering committee with in an advisory capacity. The steering committee take place at a frequency of once a year at least.

Pr. Umesh Bawa (SA)

Pr. Laurent Bouteiller (FR)

Pr. Odile Fichet (FR)

Pr. Emmanuel Iwuoha (SA)

Pr. Arnaud Lefranc (FR)

Pr. Gansen Pillay (SA)

Head of International Relation at UWC

CNRS, ext. member

Head of LPPI Laboratory

Head of Sensor Laboratory

Vice-president CYU

NRF South Africa, ext. member