Up-coming Seminars and Teaching

In the frame of the LIA, not only research projects are planned as mutual exchanges between the two labs. The promotion of research exchange and collaboration through joint scientific animation, such as mutualized seminars and co-organized summer schools, and researcher mobility. Hence, the LIA members are happy to announce their upcoming Seminars and Courses for the period June 2020 – May 2021 !

July 12-13th 2021 – Seminar session by SA colleagues and FR Master students

June 9-10th 2021 – Teaching session for Ms Nanosciences (UWC) by PH Aubert: « Introduction to Supercapacitors Energy Storage Devices »

December 1-8th 2020 – Master2 CM2@ES (FR) Lectures by Priscilla Baker: « Electrochemical Sensors«