For a successful benchmark, general guidelines have been sent to all the participants


Coring direction

The rock is anisotropic, everybody should measure the permeability in a common direction (you are free to do more if you want). The direction in which your cores should be drilled and the permeability be measured is the core axis direction, as simple as that. This direction is slightly oblique to the foliation.

Experimental conditions

We ask you to fill the result sheet and give us as much information as possible on your experiment. In order to compare the results, we need to impose a common value for the effective confining pressure. We will keep it low enough, but we also encourage you to do more measurements if you want.


Once you have finished your measurement, we kindly ask you to keep the sample in good shape until the end of the benchmark. For example in the event of a value being significantly off the trend, we may ask for a cross checking, i.e. another lab could measure the permeability of your sample, and conversely you might be asked to measure a sample from another group.

Want to do more?

You are welcome to provide any interesting result obtained on your sample to the community (density, porosity,…).

Results sheet to be filled by each participant